Writing a self-updating application in c what does mean

That said, the associated solution has five projects: POC10 — The surrogate for the service Interfaces — A shared project containing the interface to the worker Foreman — The program that actually uses the workers to accomplish some task DoWorkOne — Represents the deployed functionality DoWorkTwo — The updated functionality we want to add to the running application Starting at the Interface, it is what we use to expose the functions that do the actual work.

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Programs that are updated by a DSU system are referred to as target programs. ComposeParts worker ; if worker. In the example app, it's just a window that shows some simple text.

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Writing a self-updating application in c system Simmons is the whole family. The mechanism used to transform code and state influences what kinds of updates a system will support. DoThat "Hi again" ; Console.

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Secondly, and this may simply be an aesthetic problem, your changes don't take effect until the application is restarted. I am sel-fupdating person can do this for nearly six years old.

When you have questions about programming, StackOverflow is the place to go, so I asked: There was some guidance, but no easy answer.

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