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If you can find the source code for your website, you can use this. These pages need to exist. After all, one of the major goals of SEO is to get search engines to crawl your site easily so they increase your ranking.

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But to increase the odds that your robots. This is because WordPress creates a virtual robots. Use your judgment here. Meta robots tags REP tags are elements of an indexer directive that tell search engine spiders how to crawl and index specific pages on your website.

It should be placed after User-agent, Disallow, Allow, and Host commands. In your robots. Usually, you can find your root directory by going to your hosting account website, logging in, and heading to the file management or FTP section of your site.

So theoretically, you could disallow a page, but it could still end up in the index. Google has a nifty Robots Testing Tool that you can use: It shows you your robots.

My only question is, will it be yours? Provide step-by-step guidelines to developers using this document. A robots.

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You might be wondering why anyone would want to stop web robots from visiting their site. That said: Outside of those three edge cases, I recommend using meta directives instead of robots. The Allow directive is followed by the path that can be accessed. They enable SEO professionals to target individual pages and instruct crawlers with what to follow and what not to follow. This approach guarantees that spiders crawl and index useful code and categories, firsthand. Share this article. If you can find the source code for your website, you can use this. Keep in mind that you need to be sure you understand how the robots. Best Practices Your first step is to actually create your robots. You should be! Not all robots understand everything and this is where it gets really messy quick. Meta robots tags are pretty simple to use. To access a robots. However some robots like Googlebot have a different approach to parse robots. Method returns a for robots.
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