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I had a big problem. Either you needed to know HTML to code custom listings or use generic templated services.

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In my last Salehoo blog post, I concentrated specifically on eBay item descriptions. Buy writing a clever seller bio, you use SEO for eBay to your advantage.

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Ebay does their own studies as well so these recommendations do not come lightly. Examples of Bad eBay Listings Next are some examples of both good and bad item descriptions taken directly from actual eBay listings to illustrate the points above. Here is what I discovered… 1. What is it made of? Some six months later, we were ranked among the best eBay sellers of GPS devices. And how do I incorporate it in my product listings? By listing your products in only relevant eBay categories. When we sold GPS devices on eBay, we made it a habit to always address questions and concerns head on and use any valid criticism to optimize our listings. As a rule of thumb, the lower the price of an item is, the higher the expected conversion rate should be. Read them and follow them. With a title like this you emphasise that the item for sale is a genuine product as many people are afraid of buying software on eBay due to the many copies being sold. The example above is pretty much the ideal title. When putting a bunch of words together that do not make sense as a sentence, the brain is forced to stop. Measure your current conversion rate. Take a look at the example image of a listing below, can you make out which part of the text the seller wants to emphasize?

Include item-specifics. Remember not to think just about SEO and keywords.

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That has nothing to do with the item being sold and has no business being placed at the top of the description. How to perfect your eBay product titles The title of your product is probably the most important thing that a search engine uses to identify what your listing is about.

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Again, this is all self-explanatory… In the case of selling compatible items — i. Write the title for the humans first and the robots second.

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How important are your product description and the eBay listing page? So, what is stopping them? How to Select a Starting Price eBay encourages all sellers to start their auctions with low starting bid prices, anywhere from 1 cent to 99 cents in most cases, in order to stimulate bidding activity, drive buyer traffic to the listings, and enhance your exposure in the search results. Additionally, this listing goes way too far in using a variety of different font colors, styles, and sizes. To that end, make sure to research your items thoroughly beforehand. Feeder — is important, as people looking for a bird feeder may also be looking for a birdhouse. Pro-Tip 7: Bring the product psychologically closer to the potential customer. The exception is in the sale of domain names. And how do I incorporate it in my product listings? This calls out to buyers that you put almost no time and effort into creating your description. A 2nd power word should only be used if your product name is short and you have tons of excess space left. Use words that people would search for.
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