Write an imperative sentence with a compound verb

Sentences With Compound Subjects The following 15 sentences use compound subjects: Potato chips and cupcakes are bad for you. Did you notice?

compound sentence

Kennedy "Although all three musicians had been playing earlier that night, they had not been together. Egg cartons can soundproof a room.

compound predicate

I had water-proofed the boat, but not well enough. Everything will work out eventually. There is nowhere to hang your hat. In a run-on, the thoughts run into each eother. The meeting will reconvene in an hour.

Verb+verb compound words examples

In a run-on, the thoughts run into each eother. When might a complex sentence have a compound verb in it? To spot run-ons, try reading your writing aloud. The four patterns of sentences are simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, and compound complex sentence. The Subject The subject tells whom or what the sentence is about. See similar articles. Declarative Sentences Imperative and declarative sentences are sometimes confused because each of them can end with a period. Imperative Sentence Example 6: Put that down now! Actually, the 10 commandments of the Bible are all stated as an imperative sentence. Walk softly, please. These sentences end with a question mark and often begin with such words as who, what, where, when, why, how, or do.

Imperative Sentence Example: You pour me a glass of water.

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Compound Verb Examples