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Not only are they made with premium parts, different from the other sister brands, they even have a separate customer service division. I spoke to Jose, and he prompted me to another menu which allowed me to access an advanced menu.

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Total scam! That's bad. I called technical support and was advised that it was our internet signal. Since I was up early ironically to do a work out on this very machineI thought I would try initiating a chat hoping that it was a less busy time of the day and I would get through quicker.

FreeMotion Interactive Treadmill - A folding treadmill with many of the same features as the model but with a more powerful motor and a touch screen display. Unfortunately, the bike came with the wheel completely shattered. I will give you a refund right now minus the processing fee.

And we are responsible while a NordicTrack box sits on my porch waiting to be stolen.

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We were home at 4pm on 15 Jan and remained home for the night. A three day old anything should not have to be fixed! Hopefully, item will arrive soon and I will update this review.

They take your money and do not stand behind their shoddy work. This gorgeous northern Utah city lies smack dab in the middle of amazing skiing, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and many more outdoor activities.

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