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And I hope this gift will encourage you to be a good boy next year too. Then skip another line and indent to begin the body of the letter.

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Every year, after he visits a new corner of the world, he adds a few pages to the book. Fortunately, we all help each other, and nobody is left alone with their duties. We are all very pleased with you. I always found that it is better to have one good friend, than ten bad ones. We were ankle-deep in water and we had to pull up our trouser legs. It makes me so glad to hear that you have been doing your best to behave well this year. Third, you turn over a new leaf and become the washing up king!

We have thousands of toys in there. Dear her name, I imagine you are quite surprised to see this letter from me. One day, when he was on a trip to the Forest of Lost Things, he was so hungry that he finally lost all his energy.

We have been watching your behaviour this year. Last of all, I wish you lots of fun and joy this year and in the year to come.

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Instruct your child to skip a couple of lines and have her write the salutation or greeting starting on the left hand side, followed by a comma.

I received a truly beautiful letter from you this year. I saw that you worked swiftly and diligently, but also that you stayed till the late hours to help your colleagues.

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Now I can finally get some rest and enjoy the sun. I talked to your boss, but in the end we decided that even a jug of honey and free skiing lessons would not be enough to get you here. Rudolph spends his time running around on the beach and surprising the tourists. When you were younger, your expectations were much lower. Cooking is not as complicated as it sounds, and washing dishes can be quite the meditative task. Watching cat videos? We have been watching your behaviour this year.
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18 Free Letter to Santa Templates for Children