World oil demand growth to outpace

OPEC forecasts India's crude oil demand will expand to 5.

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There has been little impact on prices even though a significant amount of Gulf of Mexico production has been shut-in. However, the strong year-on-year y-o-y increase in oil prices is slowing gasoline demand.

However, the production, use and disposal of petrochemical-derived products present a variety of climate, air quality and water pollution challenges that need to be addressed.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, meanwhile, hopes to reduce the country's burgeoning oil bill and focus on alternative renewable energy sources. Demand In its monthly report, the agency left its forecast for global demand growth for and unchanged from last month at 1.

For the third quarter, stocks rose Except for gasoline and naphtha, product prices did not match the drop in crude prices. In product markets, the seasonal reduction in demand for transport fuels weighed on refining margins.

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Developing countries account for all of the growth and Asia dominates, with about seven out of every 10 extra barrels consumed globally. Already, oil stocks of countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have increased for 4 continuous months, with products back above the 5-year average. In the next few years, oil supply is growing in the United States, Canada, Brazil and elsewhere but this growth could stall by if the record two-year investment slump of and is not reversed. While substantial increases in recycling and efforts to curb single-use plastics are underway, especially in Europe, Japan and Korea, the impact these efforts can have on demand for petrochemicals is far outweighed by sharply increasing plastic consumption in emerging economies. For the third quarter, stocks rose EIA forecasts that higher U. Non-OPEC output is forecast to expand by 2. It was referring to the Modi government's sudden removal of and 1,rupee notes from circulation in November and a turbulent rollout of the nationwide goods and services tax in July Their anticipated response, along with continued growth from the US, might be enough to meet demand in the fourth quarter. Overall, we forecast refinery runs increasing by 1.

This is a strategy very much consistent with the future of oil demand growth, projected in the IEA's first comprehensive study "The Future of Petrochemicals", released on 5th October Petrochemicals are set to account for more than a third of the growth in world oil demand toand nearly half the growth toadding nearly 7 million barrels of oil a day by then.

On a regional basis, inventories built strongly in the Americas as refinery output and seasonal LPG restocking outpaced crude production gains, and to a lesser extent in Asia Oceania. Advanced economies currently use up to 20 times more plastic and up to 10 times more fertiliser than developing economies on a per capita basis, underscoring the huge potential for global growth.

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While electric vehicles are an important factor for oil demand, the IEA estimates they will displace only limited amounts of transportation fuel by For its part, production from Russia is forecast to remain stable over the next five years. An increase in unplanned supply outages in Libya and U. Since midyear, oil supply had increased sharply with gains in the Middle East, Russia, and the US more than compensating for falls in production in Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere, IEA said. Today's elevated oil prices partly reflect very high crude runs during recent months and also supply fears as sanctions against Iran draw near. Petrochemicals are set to account for more than a third of the growth in world oil demand to , and nearly half the growth to , adding nearly 7 million barrels of oil a day by then. Despite near-tripling in plastic waste collection by , the limited availability of cost-effective substitutes for oil feedstock means that oil demand for petrochemicals remains resilient.
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IEA: Global oil supply will outpace demand throughout