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Gain confidence and fluency in spoken English, American English pronunciation, and commonly used idioms and expressions. They were established by the ESI Corporation but are managed by the state government since inception. Work one-on-one with an ESI academic counselor to fill out applications, meet deadlines and reach goals quickly and efficiently. In addition, several state government hospitals also have beds for the exclusive use of ESI Beneficiaries. This course offers a golden opportunity to improve your English language skills while making a profound social impact. Community Service Learning Available as a customized group course only. The administration of the remaining 3 medical colleges have been handed over to the respective State Governments under various MoU. ESI scheme is a type of social security scheme for employees in the organised sector. All rights reserved. Added features include immersion in campus environment and conversation exchange with UCB students during the academic year.

They are:. The Scheme thereafter was first implemented at Kanpur and Delhi on 24 February Medical and dental colleges[ edit ] Employees' State Insurance Corporation runs medical, dental, nursing and paramedical schools in many locations across India.

History[ edit ] In MarchDr.

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Become proficient in reading, writing, grammar, academic vocabulary, listening for academic purposes and giving presentations. Learn to write a variety of essays and develop a Statement of Purpose essay for university applications. Improve English through cross-cultural contact with international students in lively interactive classes, interviews with native speakers, and individual and group projects.

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Intensive Academic Preparation 3-week course offered one or two times a year 24 hours of evaluated instruction per week Join an intensive fast-paced language course that promotes success in academic studies.

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