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Hats off to them. Because he was French-Lebanese, Baz says that some of his colleagues and members of the local community questioned his neutrality, a claim he rejects.

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Today, he is back in Lebanon, where he teaches at the American University of Beirut. When I won a World Press award for this photograph, I felt sad.

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It was also the first occasion for South American war photography. Politicians need to know what it looks like when you send young boys to war.

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Lebanon became his training ground. Although he has since gone through therapy, Baz says that he has lost all interest in war, and does not even want to look at war stories any more. On 15 March, myself and three other journalists were captured by Gaddafi's troops. As the soldiers dragged me away from the kill zone, I took these pictures. I'm 33 and I'm not sure I'd want to put myself in such risky situations when I'm older and perhaps have other people to consider. He later went on to film the offensive actions in Belgium, earning him the Belgian Order of the Crown. Another Brit. Because the photographic material of his time needed long exposures, he was only able to produce pictures of stationary objects, mostly posed pictures; he avoided making pictures of dead, injured or mutilated soldiers. It can be agonisingly painful to think that all you're doing is taking pictures. People surrounded us, celebrating. This was a commercial venture with the hope of selling albums of war photographs. Andrew J. I love my job but getting shot made me think about life beyond work. Two crazy weeks and the most unbelievable story I ever did. We were pleading for our lives.

Burrows paid the ultimate price for this work when he and three other photo journalists were killed when their helicopter was shot down over Laos in The epicentre of the explosion was a pile of maybe a dozen limbless, charred, mangled bodies in pools of blood.

This was over in seconds, but a firefight can go on for hours. I was the third man in line, and as I put my foot down, I heard a metallic click and I was thrown in the air.

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Remarkable stories behind 8 of the most iconic war photos ever taken