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Trees produce fruits that can be consumed directly or processed into different foods.

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Climate Control. It can be like they have to plant trees each year and they have to show growth report with photos and videos. Individuals are considered as the smartest animal on the earth, so we ought to comprehend our duty towards nature and understand the importance of trees for the benefit of all flora and fauna on the earth.

I was the part of all such tree of things in my childhood.

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You may also be interested in the following: importance of tree plantation essay How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Proper Time for planting: June and July are the proper time for planting trees. During photosynthesis, trees generate enough oxygen that helps both humans and animals to survive.

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It is very necessary to the environment. Hence, it is the need of the day to understand the importance of tree plantation.

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This technique allows various varieties of the plants to grow faster. There some other wild animals that have the forests a group of trees as their own habitat. By felling trees, there is a build up of greenhouse gases like carbon-dioxide in the air. Many birds have already been extinct due to the same reason and animals too. Trees are the source of food, fruits for animals, birds and humans. This leads to the harmful effects of global warming and climate change. We get timber from trees. This soil-conservation is very important for our corn-fields. It is very important to save trees. Trees are also valuable for their medicinal properties. Tree plantation essay - Write My Research Paper for an

Trees must not be felled. There were various funny and scary situations when I climb on trees. Essay on the Importance of Tree Plantation — Long Essay Essay 8 — Words Introduction: Importance of tree plantation has been advocated by all ever since the ancient civilizations learnt to settle in one place.

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We need to plant more trees to ensure that our forests are not totally deforested. This helps in keeping global warming under control. Trees must not be felled. Here you can check the air pollution of your state or city. They save us from droughts, floods, cyclones etc. This can be a good practice to live. Planting such trees in the neighbourhood gives positivity to the residents of that area. Trees act as the source of food and shelter for birds, animals and also human beings. Trees give shade and shelter to people, wild life and birds. Plantation of new trees should be mandatory for industrial industries or manufactures who produce more pollution in the air and water. Trees give us shade. It is a good idea for the schools and colleges to collaborate with some NGOs and take the students out for cleanliness drives as well as for tree plantation every month.
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