Trees our best friend

Forests are dense collections of trees, plants, animals and birds within a small area of the earth. Trees are our best friends.

trees our best friend essay in english for class 10

Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every step is death, every grave is mother. These materials are very useful to us. Rain: Forested areas get better rainfall compared to areas with no tree cover.

They offer us a place we can run to whenever we feel overwhelmed with the urban life.

trees our best friends essay 150 words in english

They are a source of delicacy for animals in the forests. Those are childish thoughts. Mankind would perish for want of food, drinking water, fresh air and sufficient humidity. They release the oxygen and take in the carbon dioxide to make their foods.

Save toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, these They serve the mankind in different ways. They make our surroundings beautiful. This would definitely annoy a discerning visitor Just think how many weary travellers would be benefitted by the stategic placement of shelters covered by large canopies of trees?

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Trees are Our Best Friends