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I appreciate their hard work their efforts and their dedication is for sure unquestionable. The patterns of life are changing because of impact of education and electronic media, which have to be facilitated in a positive manner.

impact of electronic media

Electronic Media also made possible communication between employees sitting in different branches and thus developing an organization more into community with people facing similar tasks.

Commercial nature of Media was discovered in the economic advantages related to it.

Part it is not try to innovate and produce quality entertainment programs and news programs. Although it forms the backcloth of any attempt to rethink its importance in a national context. According to Williams," Unlike all previous communication technologies, radio and television were systems primarily designed for transmission and reception as abstract processes, with little or no definition of preceding content". Challenges In a democratic country like Pakistan where freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution. Glamorous world of fashion and movies has also been adequately covered. It has played a vital role for the awareness of masses. The growth and development of electronic media as fourth pillar of the state is a reality. Although electronic media is under the state control, but it has a history of struggle for its rights and democracy. Another problem with media in Pakistan is providing entertainment. The recent growth of electronic media in the past ten years has remarkably the social, cultural, educational scenario of our society, the impact of electronic media and its role in Pakistani society require a complete research. Pursuance of Foreign Agenda.

Niaz, M. Another effect along the same lines is based on the concept of average viewers need to have certain areas of consumer awareness heightened, therefore the experts and leaders in electronic media awareness put through a rigorous training program that educate them to see through some of the showbiz tactics of television advertising, role of women in television, the impact of television on children, the presentation of violence and stereotyping Muhammad Nawaz, Among the Asians countries, Pakistan is also adopting these rapidly changing communication technologies from last decade.

PTV up until today when the number of the Pakistani Channels is even unknown these past years has brought in a lot of changes.

Dangers to Socialization We remain fixed to TV screens at the cost of socialization. Without achieving economic solvency and the promise of a better future, our national cohesion will remain under stress. It transformed the interconnected computer networks through World Wide Web by the s. With its many sources and expertise it is required that the two medium has to improve its performance in all three aspects of its role in the society and can play it more effectively and successfully. TV started its test transmissions in Their dramas, music videos, comedy programs and sports coverage are the biggest source of entertainment for all segments of the society. It is aping the Indian model of entertainment- high heels and lower necks. Cases as the amendments in Hudood Ordinance for which the television channel telecast a series of discussion programs and live talk shows with legal experts, political leaders and religious scholars. False Values. Radio and television played a vital role in creating evaluated. In every advancement in technology comes with some drawbacks but remedies are there, the need is to focus on getting maximum benefit. Most anchors try to impose their own perspective, instead of objectivity. People now carry the world of information and communication in the form of laptop and mobile phones. Pakistan Television Corporation was incorporated as a joint stock company in and in it was converted into a corporation under the Companies Ordinance.

In some cases the electronic media feels that it has the right to interpret what is good or bad for society using its own standards.

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Role of Electronic Media of Communication Essay Example