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Casey B Chapter 5, section: Pay and pay negotiations. Most of these studies tend to focus on a single subject or focuses on limited factors that contributes to academic performance.

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Using correlational approach to assess attendance on academic performance in Nigeria, Oghuvbu had the same result as Komakeck. For long term memory, deep sleep is a necessity as learning occurs during our REM cycle of phase of sleep. There is, therefore, the need for proper education of teachers on the importance and use of instructional materials in teaching of social studies in secondary schools.

It should be emphasized that from to the structure was a system. The third chapter is the research methodology.

Student Retention Models: In connection to the foregoing articles, Riggert et al. In support of this claim Udomior states the instructional materials have an effect on learning, with good understanding in less time as well as means of communication between teachers and learners.

The use of descriptive and qualitative measures was emphasized as a need to build an informational basis for formulating the models or frameworks to use without going beyond the limits of their conclusions. Weiner, Teacher student relationship The teacher-student relationship builds a foundation of success for a student in any given class.

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