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The refugees were carried free by the railroads to any place they wished to go.

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And the writer of Into the Wild Jon Krakauer indubitably does this with the usage of rhetorical devices throughout his factual story of Chris McCandless, a youthful Emory college graduate whose body is strangely discovered in an old transit bus deep in the Alaskan wilderness in September of24 years old at the time.

He begins by describing the thousands of dollars in damages of chimneys and walls that the actual earthquake caused, but focuses on the unknown hundreds of millions of dollars in damages that the fire caused that swept through the city afterwards.

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Before the flames, throughout the night, fled tens of thousands of homeless ones. Kearny Street was deserted. There was no hysteria, no disorder. The refugees were carried free by the railroads to any point they wished to go, and it is estimated that over one hundred thousand people have left the peninsula on which San Francisco stood.

In the end, completely played out, after toiling for a dozen hours like giants, thousands of them were compelled to abandon their trunks.

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The heated air rising made an enormous suck. He was all but hemmed in by several conflagrations. Once only the sun broke through the smoke-pall, blood-red, and showing quarter its usual size. But the conflagration that followed burned up hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of property There is no estimating within hundreds of millions the actual damage wrought. It cost fifteen hundred dollars. There are few like it. Union Square, heaped high with mountains of trunks, was deserted. At eight o'clock Wednesday evening I passed through Union Square. Francis was flaming heavenward. There were no crowds. This is seen in many of his stories with the implementation of symbolism, many times a recurring theme in his work. Thus did the fire of itself build its own colossal chimney through the atmosphere. With differences in their physical stature, climbing styles, and safety concerns, it would seem that one was destined to succeed and other to fail

The fourth side had been burned earlier in the day. The huge fires continued to burn on. Nothing could stop them. Jack London lived a full life, even though he died at the young age of forty.

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