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Self 2—that is, the physical body, including the brain, memory bank conscious and unconscious and the nervous system—is a tremendously sophisticated and competent collection of potentialities. But who said that I am to be measured by how well I do things? Once you learn how to learn, you have only to discover what is worth learning. It just seems to happen—and often with more accuracy than he could have hoped for. Letting go of the judging process is a basic key to the Inner Game, its meaning will emerge as you read the remainder of this chapter. These inner skills are really arts of forgetting mental habits acquired since we were children. Why is it so easy for a child to pick up a foreign language? In this way patterns, called grooves, build up which have a predisposition to repeat themselves. Relax your mind. Judgment results in tightness, and tightness interferes with the fluidity required for accurate and quick movement. The backhand can be used to advantage only on a tennis court, but the skill of mastering the art of effortless concentration is invaluable in whatever you set your mind to. I wasn't disappointed. And to deal with that obstacle, the player has to win the internal match against themselves. When the same action is repeated, the groove is made slightly deeper.

Changing Habits Tips are a dime a dozen, and there are good ones and bad ones. When the same action is repeated, the groove is made slightly deeper. If you think you are controlled by a bad habit, then you will feel you have to try to break it. For example when you drop something?

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The first skill to learn is the art of letting go the human inclination to judge ourselves and our performance as either good or bad. I highly recommend you learn from it. The Inner Game way of learning is a return toward this childlike way.

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The obstacles are a very necessary ingredient to this process of self-discovery. I woke up much later, close to the time my parents came to pick me back up.

The inner game of tennis book

Yes, of course it can.

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The Inner Game Of Everything: Why Is A Four