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It was a targeted, organized campaign to spread misinformation on global warming. Jeff Skoll: At one point, Al was doing his presentation to a group of mayors at Sundance — these were all mayors who had come to talk about climate change. Meanwhile, Republican messages have been fewer in number, and, until the Obama presidency, ambiguous in direction. Most dramatically, he shows Tanzania's Mt. AEI offered to award the money to scientists who would "thoughtfully explore the limitations of climate model outputs", as explained in an article in the UK Guardian. But I did become obsessed, and still am, with trying to really craft each slide to be as eye-catching and communicative as it can possibly be. Gore presents specific data that supports the thesis, including: The retreat of numerous glaciers is shown in before-and-after photographs. Drought and heat waves An excellent discussion of the most serious climate change issue our generation is likely to face, the threat of increased drought and reduced water supplies, is presented. On the other hand, a leading Republican climate change denier, Sen.

For the storytelling of what Gore's memory was like of growing up on the farm, some of this 8mm stuff that I shot is very impressionistic. We could go on and on about the rapid growth and benefits of solar energy, but you get the idea: solar is here to stay.

Sunbeam from escaping Earth's atmosphere.

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Because now more than ever, we need people like you to stand up and act against powerful fossil fuel interests and climate denial. Solar Power Is Booming One of the biggest success stories in climate solutions is the growth of solar power. Imagine you put eight people in a plane filled with mosquitoes and you shut the door and take off — it was bedlam. Which means more heat trapped in our atmosphere. There's JPEG stuff. Davis Guggenheim: We had a lot of really bad titles. I think it was maybe 50 of us. The fact is that it would be difficult or impossible to explain past changes in temperature during the ice age cycles without CO2 changes. You see the sea-level rise, you see the levees break. Greenhouse skeptics, including Michael Crichton in his State of Fear book, are fond of bashing those who use Mt.

Gore undoubtedly does care very deeply about the planet, but this movie very much looks like a campaign ad. He said we have 10 years to make significant change or we will do irreversible damage to the Earth.

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He got a standing ovation. I drive an electric car, I have solar panels on my house, I vote the right way. My life was really changed, and I was just looking for new pathways, new meaning in my music.

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I worked on it this morning. Laughter really allows a connection for community. And I think the whole world did unite in Paris, finally.

The inconvient truth

I still work on it every day. So we got to the point where we made this foot-wide screen. But I began collecting pictures. Figure 1. Stop dreaming — this movie will never have a theatrical release. The movie is generating significantly less traction in the box office and in the media. We are told that global warming is increasing the intensity of hurricanes, but not provided information on the great amount of uncertainty and vigorous scientific debate on this issue. The temperature is rising, everything is rising — everything in the movie, all the graphs, go from the lower left to the upper right. You see the sea-level rise, you see the levees break. Electric Cars Have Taken the World by Storm You might have started spotting electric cars on the road more and more in recent years as both major manufacturers like Chevrolet and Nissan and boutique firms like Tesla Motors have seen their real market potential. They were seeing the effects of hurricanes on insurance claims. Contrary to conventional wisdom, only a small fraction of Republican messages on climate change explicitly denied the scientific consensus on climate change. The devastation wrought by Katrina is used to very dramatic effect to warn of the dangers climate change presents. Al Gore has led an interesting life, but "interesting" and "Al Gore" are not words one can often put together.

Grist asked prominent scientists, policymakers, and advocates to assess the film's legacy. In an age of affective polarization where Republicans and Democrats each increasingly dislike the other, it makes sense that Republicans may have taken an oppositional stance on climate change, at least partly, in response to signals from Democratic elites.

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An Inconvenient Truth Then and Now: What’s Changed for Our Climate Since ?