The history of the trade in the indian ocean route

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By BCE, it was being used by early traders. Between the Arabs and the Chinese, several major empires blossomed based largely on maritime trade.

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The replacement of Greece by the Roman empire as the administrator of the Mediterranean basin led to the strengthening of direct maritime trade with the east and the elimination of the taxes extracted previously by the middlemen of various land-based trading routes.

What will you Buy or Sell? Taking one of the best known examples of medieval travelers, Ibn Battuta, represents a very self-conscious traveler who remarked on his comfort level in the most far-flung places.

The history of the trade in the indian ocean route

But things have changed in terms of the volume as people became more aware of these goods. The cord would be held in the teeth. Use the Balance Sheet to do this. Rules: You may begin in either Asia or Africa.

Ancient indian trade routes

Mapungubwe, for example, the first indigenous kingdom of southern Africa, was rich in ivory and gold — but bodies found in its cemeteries were interred with glass beads from Persia and porcelain from China. The opposite happens in the winter, however, because during that season the air over land cools more quickly than the ocean. Interracial marriages were not uncommon, and gradually over the centuries, a new and distinct ethnic group developed, known as the Swahili. Travelers tell of different bundles of goods moving around these circuits and being made available at various ports. The monsoon cycle is caused by three factors: the difference in the way land and water absorb the sun's heat; the effect of the earth's rotation on the atmosphere; and the storage and release of energy as water changes from liquid to water vapor and back again. It seems that a lot of the trade around the region was somewhat localized to smaller entities than the big empires. As we know from the history of empires such as the Mughal Empire and the Ottoman Empire and the various dynasties of China, nations or pre-modern nations that sit stride the trade routes tend to become economically and politically very powerful as a result of their location. Like Wood, Rammutloa has uncovered a social aspect to the items. Bahrain, called Dilmun in Mesopotamian texts, served as the main port through which Omani copper was traded. The area that encircles the globe from 60 degrees S latitude to the coast of Antarctica is called The Great Southern Ocean. Venice broke diplomatic relations with Portugal and started to look at ways to counter its intervention in the Indian Ocean, sending an ambassador to the Egyptian court. These towns may have acted as key points in the copper trade along the route across the Arabian Peninsula. Rules: You may begin in either Asia or Africa.

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Indian Ocean Trade Routes: Asian History