The history and the definition of multiculturalism in canada

The new Council's mandate is to provide information, advice and recommendations to the government on the following matters: matters relating to citizenship and immigration, including the attraction of immigrants to Manitoba and the retention of immigrants, the long-term settlement and integration of immigrants, and the full inclusion and participation of immigrants in the economic, social and cultural life of Manitoba; matters relating to multiculturalism, including intercultural relations and ethnic and linguistic diversity.

Ontario has an official multicultural policy and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is responsible for promoting social inclusion, civic and community engagement and recognition.

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The multiculturalism policy was modified to stress the following priorities: support for the economic, social, and cultural integration of new Canadians and cultural communities; facilitation of programs that promote mentorship, volunteerism, leadership, and civic education among at-risk youth of different cultural backgrounds; and promotion of intercultural understanding and Canadian values democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law through community initiatives, with the objective of addressing issues of cultural social exclusion parallel communities and radicalization.

The Council advises the Minister on the planning and implementation of government policies relating to cultural communities and immigration.

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Other prominent authors, such as Richard Gwyn, in his book Nationalism without Walls, and Jack Granatstein, in his essay Who Killed Canadian History, have criticized what they see as the negative impacts of the multiculturalism policy.

Realities of Ethnicity in Canada and the United States. But promoting hatred is not allowed in Canada. Multiculturalism can encompass folk songs, dance, food festivals, arts and crafts, museums, heritage languages, ethnic studies, ethnic presses, race relations, culture sharing and human rights.

To promote creative exchanges among all Canadian cultural groups; To assist immigrants in acquiring at least one of the official languages.

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A new multiculturalism policy with a clearer sense of purpose and direction came into effect in when the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was adopted by Parliament. Bouchard and Taylor said the policies of interculturalism and secularism should be clearly defined. This was a slight decrease from , when The Incipient Stage: Pre The era preceding can best be interpreted as a time of gradual movement toward acceptance of ethnic diversity as legitimate and integral to Canadian society. In , responsibility for multiculturalism was transferred from the Department of Canadian Heritage to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, whose minister was renamed the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. English and French remain the only official languages , however other languages may be used. Aga Khan the 49th Imam of the Ismaili Muslims described Canada as: [80] [91] "the most successful pluralist society on the face of our globe, without any doubt in my mind The Act established a Multiculturalism Commission to advise the government on policy and programs respecting multiculturalism, as well as a Multiculturalism Advisory Council to advise the Commission on policy matters. A Multicultural Directorate within the Department of the Secretary of State was approved in to assist in the implementation of multicultural policies and programs. In Alberta, the Alberta Human Rights Commission performs the role of multiculturalism advisory council. We have had the opportunity to have our booth at several different events in the city of Calgary. Linguistic diversity is also at the core of Canadian multiculturalism.

A multiculturalism secretariat was established to support the government in implementing improved delivery of government services in federal institutions.

A strong emphasis was put on encouraging and facilitating the ways in which cultural minority groups can fully participate in Canadian society. So I ask you to do the same. It also focuses on the eradication of racism and the removal of discriminatory barriers as ways to fulfill Canada's human rights commitments.

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Canada’s multiculturalism is our identity