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So walking in on that first day, it was crazy. Eric Kretz kept a lower profile during this time, operating his own studio, Bomb Shelter Studios, and drumming for the band Spiralarms. Like, wow, man.

So we would not settle.

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Stone Temple Pilots were also featured on the cover of issue No. They expressed surprise, however, at "the clattering, upbeat character of the music" given Weiland's much-publicized run-ins with drugs and the law. So we just want to be making music. After reconvening in the studio for their second album, Purple, the band's style developed, taking influence from psychedelic rockcountry musicand jangle pop.

All of the band members were Kiss fans during their childhood, and played shows at the Roseland Ballroom in dressed in Kiss-style makeup.

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The band also went on the road for a date North American summer tour intaking place in-between the tours for Scott Weiland's second solo album. They toured for four weeks, opening for bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Megadeth. Following this, the band played successful shows in Australia, including sold out performances in Sydney and Melbourne.

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