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Athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to gain an edge, even if it means compromising their health. Anabolic 2. Including depression, all of these dangerous effects are the reason that we have seen the presence of activists throughout the United States I would like to see if research determines that steroids have a psychological effect on the user. This sentence supports the main idea of your paragraph by explaining what some of the harmful symptoms of steroids are. I always thought with hard work and dedication, I could be just like them, but that was not possible because they were all cheating to get an edge. Steroids are closely related to the male prime hormone, testosterone which is the main development of male characteristics such as facial hair, deeper voice and larger muscles. We live in america where freedom for all people is our main argument. To achieve these goals athletes often turn to anabolic steroids to aid them in achieving their goals. Peck Baseball players are big influences on children and teenagers which could cause even more steroid use because of major league baseball players.

For these reasons, along with many more, the MLB and its Hall of Fame voters should not allow those proven to be steroid users into the Hall of Fame Athletes will use these drugs to try to please fans, receive a large contract, and to try to keep up with the players who are already using these drugs.

What anabolic steroids do is increase the protein in the cells.

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But then something happened. They have a notorious history and are currently prevalent in weightlifting and sporting communities.

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Though steroids have a negative reputation, there are some that can be beneficial to athletes and certain patients.

That bright, young man with aspirations to play major league baseball ended up taking his own life with a fatal gunshot on October 1, At times during the preparation, injuries are sustained and fatigue is endured.

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There has been many myths about steroids from superhuman strength to roid rage These are both synthetic versions of hormones produced naturally in the body but they perform two completely different tasks. What harmful side effects might there be? During the next two years scientists found through research with dogs that in certain circumstances steroids had an increase on muscle mass production. As you can see, steroids can cause short term health problems, long-term damage and even death. These drugs have been known to be used in all kinds of different sports. But what drove this movement? Many people turn to steroids because they think it will give them solutions to the problems they have with society. A few years later, after continued use of steroids, his life started to spiral out of control. Athletes use steroids but don 't understand the negative consequences of using them, the leagues are trying to solve steroid use but there failing. History A. Society has become very lazy over the years and building up hard work has been taking for granted and a lot of people these days spend more time trying to cheat than making the effort to stay steady at the gym and achieve perfection correctly. Males are in the testes, and females are in the ovaries and other tissues. The truth is that steroids are prescribed by doctors to patients with many health problems The full name for this class of drugs is androgenic anabolic steroids.

I always thought with hard work and dedication, I could be just like them, but that was not possible because they were all cheating to get an edge. The growth in use of steroids has increased drastically over time.

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