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The non-availability of land for building sports infrastructure is another major obstacle. Mail Today on July 11 broke the story, raising concerns about privacy and security. This creates an obstacle in developing a culture of sports in the country.

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Despite all these successes, it is pertinent to mention that the status of sports infrastructure in India is yet to reach the desired level. A joint effort is needed.

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The lack of infrastructural facilities is one of the major constraints in the process of development of sports in India.

The attack on the Muslim family became known across India after a video on social media showed a mob entering the house and beating the family members with hockey sticks and iron rods, asking them to go to Pakistan.

Apart from teaching, he is also associated with various sports management companies, NGOs and governmental organizations for consultancy projects.

The entire world has seen in a video that we were roughed up, that my hands were broken. The commercial aspects for generating revenue from these infrastructural facilities have not yet been explored properly.

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