Scaffolding writing assignments

Many high school teachers have had their hands tied, and they are now compelled to abandon whatever pedagogical practices they once held dear in deference to the test.

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After a class or group discussion, this tool can become the basis for a draft, presented to the class or discussed in groups. Scaffolding is breaking up the learning into chunks and providing a tool, or structure, with each chunk.

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Step 6: Have students create rough cuts: Rough cuts are one step further in development than mock-ups and storyboards. Students might pick the opening or concluding paragraph, a detail, or even debate the number of sentences that belong in a paragraph.

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Scaffolding writing assignments

Step 6: Have students create rough cuts: Rough cuts are one step further in development than mock-ups and storyboards. Supporting Sentence 5. X plans to scaffold the assignment for his students. If you are currently confused about something, please explain to me what is puzzling you; ask me the question s you need answered. What is the context of this composition? These questions encourage thinking about writing process, content, and skills transfer. There are several benefits to this system, but I believe they can be categorized into three main items: students learn the writing process, they receive feedback along the way, and they begin to enjoy writing. Here we suggest a basic framework for sequencing and scaffolding multimodal composition assignments, presented below in a series of steps that can be adapted to a variety of course contexts. Mock-ups are visual representation of static pieces, such as web pages or posters. With differentiation, you might give a child an entirely different piece of text to read, or shorten the text or alter it, or modify the writing assignment that follows. In the process students forge connections in the academic domains they are studying. What similar compositions exist, if any? To illustrate how I scaffold writing assignments, I will be discussing an Opposing Viewpoints Essay, where students are asked to compare and contrast the way two opposing articles make an argument.

Next students read the second article and repeat the process. The assignment calculator can help!

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Hitting a Homerun: How to Scaffold Writing Assignments