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One could easily argue that the title is hyperbole by suggesting that Postman's thesis, no matter how accurate, deals too heavily in generalities and does not consider that each individual has both his own relationship with television and his own set of experiences that will determine to what extent his discourse will be shaped.

Neil Postman in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death explains the effects of television and visual culture on the youth education curriculum. Postman speaks his opinions freely, and really gives the reader a new perspective on media, and the effect it has on society.

The news of the day had no effect on the daily life of americans, a massive amount of irrelevant information flooded the streets. The patients would receive enough painkillers to cause death from physicians We must accept death to be the end of ourselves and our conscious survival, a permanent death.

The values and morals of the typographic era are gone, they have been replaced by the amusements of television and irrelevant yet interesting news that fight for attention daily seating on every corner, and specially on every screen.

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By having these messages brought to them, people might be encouraged to investigate political questions or visit a local church, when they might otherwise not have been.

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