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Anne Archer is the permanent damsel in distress and Thora Birch tried to make her character a woman-at-arms, but could not shine with such a poorly developed character and almost no visibility in the plot.

With the aid of Lord Holmes' traitorous assistant, Miller's group tracks Holmes to this location, gets past the security provided by the Diplomatic Security Service and Maryland State Policeand attempts once more to kidnap Lord Holmes.

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Credits roll just after Cathy Ryan learns the gender of the child she is going to have, and before she tells Jack and Sally. Miller and his companions flee to North Africa to plan another kidnapping attempt on Lord Holmes. But one of the terrorists who died in the failed attack is the brother of another one, who has been arrested but is released by his fellows, embarking on a revengeful journey against the American he holds responsible for the death of his little brother.

Jackson remained almost invisible and James Earl Jones almost merely played himself.

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And the content can easily be relied upon from the source Clancy whose work gets juicier everytime if not better on his self-created fictional character Jack Ryan. Since when can you, after ceasing to be a spy, simply ask to return and be immediately readmitted to service? We can actually see people getting killed, although unless I missed something, the movie doesn't bother to explain why all of the terrorists are still alive in the following scenes. In Bean's subsequent Sharpe series, this would be emphasized with makeup to add credibility to his character. Then, there was a deliberate attempt to excuse the IRA and give a neutral, even sympathetic, picture of this organization that, in the past, was responsible for so many dead in real life. The premise guides the audience to expect a lot of guilt and emotional family drama which it does but in appropriate amount,easy, safe, fair.. If you think that's amazing, wait until you see the heat-sensitive photography used to provide live pictures of a night raid on the camp. Noyce; the director, has kept its world within four walls of singular track in order to not get questioned which frankly works for the most part of its time. The film is notable for being the sequel to the previous movie The Hunt for Red October , although the order is the opposite in the books.

The film is not entirely bad but, in fact, screenwriters were not careful when writing and the details, when they're analyzed in detail, get to the point of absurdity.

Then a little more.

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Despite the film's plot and setting, Richard Harris , Patrick Bergin and Jonathan Ryan , are the only Irish actors to appear in the film. And there are a couple of shallow, unconvincing but obligatory scenes where Ryan gets a dressing-down from his once and future CIA bosses. It's always been the kind of character Ford has done well and there are dozens of movies where this actor is essentially doing this. Upon realizing that Ryan is leading them away from Holmes, Miller's companions try to persuade Miller to turn around, but an enraged and deranged Miller kills his terrorist companions and continues pursuit of Ryan. It's within what we might expect in In the insurance business, you have to pay attention to details or a client could lose everything. Technically, the movie is regular, with nothing to be said for the visual, sound or special effects used. You harm my kids and I'll blow you away.

He says of his passion for accuracy and detail: "When I was in London, researching Patriot Games, I spent 20 hours walking around the Mall with a camera, clipboard and tape recorder, just choreographing my opening chapter, to make sure it would happen exactly the way I wrote it.

Ford is confident as always and owns it with nothing but merit and is also supported nicely by Bean, Archer and Jackson.

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Unbeknownst to Ryan, Miller and his companions have already left the camp and are on their way to the U.

Ryan notices Clark following him and attacks him, but Clark manages to overwhelm Ryan, only to be shot by several Marines.

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