Patriarchy in hamlet essay

Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners? Arguments can be made that Hamlet and Ophelia love one another, but there are many obstacles that prevent them from rightly being together Secondly, women are not involved in the real important parts of the plot, they only act as a sub-plot, a tangent from the storyline.

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They do not play major roles in the development of the play, but their interaction with the male characters can be seen as a form of sub-plot, additional to the main events of the play.

male dominance in hamlet

Throughout Hamlet, we see that this means women are not empowered in the play in terms of power in the literal sense, however are empowered in their dignity and actions. To Hamlet, life is a fragile "eggshell" IV. The three most masculine characters …show more content… From this Claudius is able to take the throne and become King of Norway.

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Essay on Patriarchy in Hamlet