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You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. The NPT was conceptualized to prohibit the spread of nuclear weapons, application of knowledge of technology and to promote international cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

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This was a certain balance of power by a non state actor trying to question the legitimacy of the hegemonic state. While the cooperative importance of this treaty cannot be understated, it is not the only International Institution that has a prominent place in the non-proliferation, disarmament and nuclear safety realm. These are all based on their strong nuclear technology; many countries in the world view the nuclear technology and nuclear industry as their top priority The treaty also lacks any jurisdiction to counter any non member state from developing nuclear weapons. This lack of cooperation fuels the fear of a weapon in the progress of being made because of the lack of communication between the IAEA and Iran. When was book written B. Sometimes in order to achieve an interest which is more likely than not the need of security in an anarchic world states will come together to form what is called a regime. That is why using influence as a means of cooperation to get what is in the best benefit of the US is what has taken place in the Middle East. This experience suggests to them that a nuclear-armed world could actually be a more stable world. The NPT implicitly defines proliferation as the manufacture and explosion of a nuclear explosive device by any state or, conceivably, by a nonstate actor that had not done so beforehand. By , the president of South Africa, F.

The theory of realism is one of the most if not the most essential theory that has been used in international relations. For now, the future The United States Vs.

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This in turn creates a situation similar to the state of nature in which every nation is in an anarchic system with no semblance of a higher governmental body. Their whole idea behind the foreign policy of the United States was to be the guiding light of the world in terms of setting an example of what a true Democracy is supposed to embody. Meanwhile there is no credible evidence that any terrorist group has ever been close to obtaining a nuclear weapon. It poses a problem with the power and influence that the United States has in the region of the Middle East in terms of military bases, oil, and etc. They have the interest of the people to keep the security and interest always in mind while at the same time having to worry about the actions of other nations that go unchecked in a chaotic realm. The attack from either the Soviet Union or the United States would have meant nuclear war. After being hypothesized by a number of scientists in the early 20th century, in a team of German chemists had achieved the feat of nuclear fission, the process of splitting atoms in order to release energy Levin Unfortunately, these weapons do exist, the greater concern today, is who has them However, due to the radioactive waste from nuclear energy, it might cause pollution of water and soil. This program was the largest risk of a nuclear attack so out of the need to have self preservation the United States used the NPT once again as a means to put pressure on the nation of Iran and the nuclear program. Introduction A.

Engineers are challenged every day to meet the demands of society, industry, and the whole nation, in order to give the world a better and improved version of the world.

No mechanism was however put to monitor the developments and the effectiveness of the treaty. Tensions between states that have nuclear capabilities are reaching all time highs and fingers are being pointed in every direction.

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By giving governments the power to use bombs, many innocent civilians are killed This is clear by the catalog of concern and actions taken by governments around the world to address the issue of nuclear weaponry It is safe to say that part of what drives the foreign policy of the United States is the idea to always uphold the needs of their people which in the state of nature without this government watching over they would turn to anarchy. It is driven by the fear that a nuclear weapons production in Iran would lead to the instability of the sphere of influence that has been built by the hegemonic nation of the Untied States. There was classification of the state-parties into two categories. In an attempt to stop proliferation, a group of scientists peacefully protested the development of nuclear weapons by sending a petition to the United Nations. In the past, the U. The transfer of safe nuclear technology through the IAEA can be considered a way the United States controls the situation in which it entices different nations that the mutual benefit of giving up nuclear ambitions for technology and protection is too good to pass up.

The people give up certain rights to the agreed upon form of government in order to have its way of life protected from any danger that may have threatened them in the past.

However, nuclear weapons have once again come to the forefront of international concern specifically regarding regions like Iran, Pakistan, India, and China.

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A weapon that can cause mass destruction and cripple a nation at a flick of a switch is a threat that has to be measured and monitored. New York:W. The elected government is only in power if it has the interest and self preservation of the people in mind. The absolute realist idea of making ones nation more secure in the anarchic world can be seen through a possible effort for the US to cooperate with Iran. The states of an international system are anarchic and the only point of action they can be relied upon to do is what their social contract binds them to. In this paper, the history of the development and uses of the nuclear bomb, as well as doctrines and scholarly writings on the subject will serve as a deterrent to the future use of any nuclear weapons in conflicts between states Nuclear proliferations will not seas in the 21 century. Once they start they will have no aid from other countries and without a strong economy the nation would surely fall. There came a tipping point during the Kennedy administration when the Soviet Union tried to build a nuclear arsenal in the Communist nation of Cuba. So through the neo conservative movement the United States can be viewed to use the NPT and the IAEA as trying to eliminate Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal that could pose a threat to the very existence of the United States. This topic captured my attention because I view a nuclear war as a problem that will inevitably destroy life as we know it. The answer can be viewed through the scope of the theory of realism, the chosen framework of this paper.

Non-nuclear states are required to undergo an agreement with the IAEA to follow their full-scope safeguard policy. Their whole idea behind the foreign policy of the United States was to be the guiding light of the world in terms of setting an example of what a true Democracy is supposed to embody.

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This promotes a nation to develop its own military. There came a tipping point during the Kennedy administration when the Soviet Union tried to build a nuclear arsenal in the Communist nation of Cuba.

It was the interest, and self preservation of a stronger nation in its quest for the acquisition for more power.

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The Non Proliferation Treaty: Its Effect on US Foreign Relations towards Iran