Native americans and diabetes essay

Wyshak, T. Department of Health and Human Services The reasons for higher obesity among Native Americans are not entirely clear.

Native american nutritional deficiencies

The traditional Pima diet, derived from local agricultural produce, is believed to have been high in fiber and low in fat Knowler et al. Knowler, and D. Diabetes was apparently rare among Native Americans until the middle part of the twentieth century Joslin, ; West, ; Sievers and Fisher, American Journal of Epidemiology Population-based Primary Prevention Given the high prevalence of diabetes in Native American communities and the nature of the risk factors involved, much can be gained from implementing and evaluating a well-designed population-based life-style intervention study in selected communities. Narayan Valway, R. Valway, S. Native American children attending these schools are generally obese and do not participate in extra-curricular activities. Stampfer, G.

Bogardus, and P. Department of Health and Human Services, In one long-term study, the investigators did not achieve significant outcomes in diabetes prevention.

native american diet and diabetes

Gohdes Pima children have also, on average, become heavier during this century and continue to do so Knowler et al. Nelson, W. Why is the incidence of diabetes increasing among Native Americans?

type 2 diabetes in native american populations

Horowitz, and R. Diabetes Care 15 11 Matarazzo, editor.

diabetes on indian reservations
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Essay on Diabetes and Native Americans: A Cultural Epidemic