My favorite song

Within a few beats, the bass enters the fray, and suddenly the song ignites like an engine.

This is my favorite song lyrics

Starting out with a winding guitar lick and hi-hat keeping time, these two instruments set the scene for an explosive tale of flirtation, heartbreak, and love lost. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera. Scott Hawley A physics Ph. Making sure to savor every ounce of this new release, I wanted to ensure my first listen was special. What a powerful song! Live life to where you have as few regrets as possible. Set upon the implacable heart beat of the kick drum, they dance and flutter like solemn butterflies. As you listen to the gentle guitar strums laid carefully underneath this sample, a sudden gunshot cuts through the song. The melody line is beautiful. Pure beauty in song.

It's great to ride a bike to, or just funk out if you please. Lezz has incorporated a stunning chord progression with an equally incredible melody line.

And you just kinda float away on it. General traits of songs I love: Great backbeat, tight groove with well-defined rythym section, up-tempo typicallylyrics that evoke emotion without requiring much thought or analysis hard to analyze anything well in 3 minutes.

One line in the song reflects them both on opposite sides of a closed door, still thinking about each other, even though they both know that they're past the point of no return.

Okay, now just be quiet and experience this with me. It also helps having Christina Aguilera singing the song, because she has a beautiful voice and a great body!!

These are questions for the ages. Plus, I just love the arrangement of words rythms, and kick. Instead of writing the song names on post-it, ask people to add their favorite song as a youtube link on the FunRetrospective board card.

It's just beautifully done in my opinion.

my favorite song music
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