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Preparation means spending enough time studying and it means studying the right way in that time. Most students know that few things are universally true or false, so distractors with these words in them can often be easily dismissed. A better structured question is easier to read and respond to: During what period was James Downey the president of Waterloo?

Read the stem and each of the choices aloud to make sure that they are grammatically correct. The following suggestions for designing MCQs are organized into three sections: 1 general strategies, 2 designing stems, and 3 designing alternatives.

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No connections? Carl A. There are two ways to bomb a test. When possible, place the choices in numerical, chronological or conceptual order. Dreaming in Technicolor f. The exam should have roughly the same number of correct answers that are a's, b's, c's, and d's assuming there are four choices per question.

Our guesses, however, are a special kind of guess.

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By doing this, you acknowledge the fact that the distractors may have an element of truth to them and discourage arguments from students who may argue that their answer is correct as well. As a result, students who are familiar with the material often make mistakes on negatively worded questions. First, you can fail to prepare. Questions designed to lead students to an incorrect answer, through misleading phrasing or by emphasizing an otherwise unimportant detail of the solution, violate this principle. Matthews Hall b. Irrelevant information in the stem confuses students and leads them to waste time: A number of books have been published about the University of Waterloo. These books fall into various genres such as photographic histories, biographies of prominent people involved with the University, and accounts of the history of individual departments.
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