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Within literature, the variety of passages to maturation spanning from peaceful and blissful to depressing and unbearable activities exhibits the embodiment of this tedious process. Miss Maudie teaches Scout valuable lessons about Boo Radley and that rumors aren't always true especially in Maycomb.

Harper Lee wrote her novel, which is rooted in the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, in the Deep South, during a time of segregation and discrimination, social issues which can be seen not only in the novel but were witnessed by Harper Lee in her own life She has a brother named Jem and her father, Atticus, is a lawyer.

theme of maturity in to kill a mockingbird

When her and Jem are playing outside, she explains a fear that all of Maycomb shares, Boo Radley, a boy rumored about by Maycomb County as a very dangerous person.

Scout seems to take the biggest steps in her internal process of maturation towards the end of the book.

Innocence to maturity in to kill a mockingbird

They are threatened by him, and are scared to go on his property. At the beginning of the novel, Scout is very rude and inconsiderate. He looks like a young man and has started to shave, but he acts like your sisters eight year old. Scout also had the immature habit of getting into fistfights that started by the slightest provocation. Alexandra Finch. This is a sign of growth. A month after Jem's punishment was over, Mrs. Reality soon takes its grip as kids begin to grow and mature, and they lose their pure qualities that they have once possessed. Harper Lee knows first hand the discrimination and prejudice that the white society imposes on the African Americans as she lived in Alabama. Throughout the novel, the main character, Scout, has many illusions which ultimately prove to be false. While not participating at all would display greater maturity, the fact that she thinks more before acting and takes more things into consideration shows that Miss Maudie does indeed have an affect on her. How would you be acting. When children become aware of these types of bias about their own racial or ethnic group, it can affect how they respond to everyday situations. The customary tradition was ' the men in the family remained on Finch's landing and made their living from cotton'.

However, Harper Lee explores its disparate forms through opposing individuals, defining the presence of authentic courage. Author: Gene Jeremiah.

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She is no longer a little girl who is naive to the motives of the people of Maycomb.

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