Marvin gardens

Sometimes the most unexpected moments define existence.

Marvin gardens

The service can be pretty bad depending on who you get, called in for an order and was placed on hold, she said she would take my order after she took the customers order who was at the counter, ended up staying on the phone for several minutes and heard her story about how she moved out here from another country while holding, the customers order was taken and she just kept talking, I ended up hanging up and going somewhere else.

Marvin's is becoming a Friday tradition for me. Super Bowl Sunday and they are out of the most popular beers.

marvin gardens california

Up-cycled Plexiglas cut with a laser provided stencils and shapes in relief. Put it all together and it rates 4 stars. I've been coming here for years.

marvin gardens florida

Hero worship and ancestor worship, one and the same.

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Marvin Gardens home with a view on the water