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Pocket friendly garments would be trending as parents just need to wash a garment in order to a brand new color every time. Of this, the organised sector accounts for just half a per cent which is around to crore. A business that started out by supplying kids wear to Mumbai's up-market store is now defining the trends in kids fashion across the globe.

All these determine the success of the manufacturer in this segment. These brands dominate the kids wear market in India and have earned consumer confidence, trust and loyalty towards the brand, thus earning laurels from its consumers. The key manufacturers in the Kids Wear include Nike.

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Much focus is placed on in-store arrangements, keeping pace with the interest of kids. Weekender Kids, targeted at the age group between years, accounts for over 40 per cent of the overall umbrella brand sales.

The brand comes out with four collections in a year in India, in keeping with what it offers worldwide.

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Their products define the future fashion statements of kids and young adults. Parents have started looking at durability and value in kids wear selection. The company has over employees working in over 70 cities across India. They are much more aware than the previous generations, and like to make their shopping decisions for styling by themselves. Generally parents like to dress their children like themselves. Children who decide to wear Benetton can choose from lots of ideas purposely designed for them. In case of infant, and toddler wears, general merchandise, and supermarkets dominate the sales. The key manufacturers in the Kids Wear include Nike.

Its foray into Western kids wear, inentailed a substantial effort which is paying dividends now. Chatbots and AI might replace any human interaction be it could be even sales and marketing professionals.

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Future of Kid's wear Industry