Ing case study

A small project revealed that the existing, waterfall, working methods and organization structures of the channels delivery center were no longer viable.

Ing case study

Even with the particular requirements that come in banking, ING has managed to take a lead in technology and innovation. Key Takeaways: At all levels management, stakeholders, teams operations and infrastructure will be better involved. For us, the most important factors of IT projects are innovation, consistency and predictability. But it is the level of commitment to agile resourcing that is truly impressive, avoiding the common trap of adopting some agile attributes but not letting go of legacy structures, processes or governance. Each squad is focused on a specific client-related objective for which it has end-to-end responsibility. With 8, employees and over branches, the bank offers services for individual clients, entrepreneurs, institutions and corporates. By the end of , the company plans to have converted a number of APIs used in the banking customer experience to cloud native APIs and host these on the Kubernetes-based platform. A small project revealed that the existing, waterfall, working methods and organization structures of the channels delivery center were no longer viable. Mechanisms such as portfolio wall planning, Scrums and stand-ups ensure that the product owners within each Tribe keep the squads aligned. Before containerization, "Every development team had to order a VM, and it was quite a heavy delivery model for them," says Infrastructure Architect Onno Van der Voort.

In that same spirit, the company underwent an agile transformation a few years ago. One example of this is a complete revamp of the on-boarding programme which not only involves new employees moving around the business to generate informal networks and learning, but every employee spending a week in the call centre taking customer calls.

When ING began working with Comarch inthe bank aimed to automate the increasing volume of online transactions made by corporate customers.

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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Full Case Study:. A Tribe lead helps co-ordinate priorities, budgets and is the interface with other Tribes to ensure alignment and knowledge sharing.

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They started with the group headquarters to show that you could begin with the core, and set an example to the rest of the business. All rights reserved. They try to get new functionality out there really fast.

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At least two smaller greenfield projects built on Kubernetes will go into production this year. Functional expertise and learning is supported through cross-squad Chapters, and a chapter lead effectively represents hierarchy for the Chapter, particularly in terms of performance management, staffing and personal development. Already, "cloud native technologies are helping our speed, from getting an application to test to acceptance to production," says Van der Voort. We need this Kubernetes framework for deploying the containers, with all those components, monitoring, logging. The results, after all, are worth the effort. The organization keeps orienting towards values like transparency, discipline, ownership, learning and continuous improvement. Full Case Study:. To make agile sustainable in the large organization that ING is, governance and procedures will be reconceived to leverage the benefits of product development with Scrum. Implementation involved a revamp of the working environment you can get a feel for that here Support functions such as HR, Finance, call centres, IT infrastructure and risk have not initially been included in the squads and may never be but have instead adopted agile working practices in different ways ING have been focused as much on getting the culture right as they have the structure, spending a lot of time and energy focused on role modelling the right behaviours customer-centricity, empowerment, ownership to support change.

Comarch Corporate Banking Comarch Corporate Banking is a multi-channel and multi-product platform used to support corporate clients and medium-sized enterprises.

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ING’s agile transformation