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The hardest reviews to write are not about the shows you passionately loved or hatedbut about ones that were just so-so. Why seven? Our guide on how to write a music review also will be helpful. Learn theatrical vocabulary.

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Write what worked and what didn't work about a show but don't simply say "the acting was bad. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

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It should express an opinion supported by thoughtful analysis. Summarize the Plot In the first paragraph, describe the show's basic storyline to pique readers' curiosity and give them context for the rest of your review. Step 7. Do they offer evidence to support their opinions? Evaluate the actors' choices made and whether they were committed, strong choices or whether they were trite or indecisive. Pay close attention to the show and remain focused throughout. Most people want to know if they should spend their hard-earned money on a ticket.

Then, write the description of the play: the title, director, theater, year of staging, and author of the play. Choose only those who have played a significant role or just surprised you.

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How to Write a Play Review and Amaze Your Readers