How does geography influence people where they live

Advances in spatial and temporal analysis are also facilitating efforts to respond to changes in the human—environment system.

Light tones indicate poor spatial access to primary care.

how does geography affect society

Much has been learned in the past about geographical influences on health through mapping the spread of diseases, access to care, and the treatment and prevention of illness. You can look at climate zones, cultural regions, or political regions.

Third, geographical scientists have developed spatially explicit models of disease spread that incorporate concepts such as distance and connectivity directly into the models, often in the form of cellular automata 2 Schiff, or as agent-based models Maguire et al.

Studies analyzing geographical inequalities in health care access should build on increasingly detailed work on this topic. Spatial distributions of diseases are seldom uniform, and understanding the reasons for their heterogeneity can lead to valuable insights. They might study natural hazards, such as a fire that struck Los Angeles, California, in Computerized systems that allow for precise calculations of how things are distributed and relate to one another have made the study of geographic information systems GIS an increasingly important specialty within geography.

The odds of late diagnosis decrease away from Chicago, reaching their lowest levels among patients living in large towns defined here as towns with populations ranging from 10, to 50, and not located in metropolitan areas.

how does geography affect our everyday lives

Social influence, ecological influence, and selective migration all come together to shape the personalities of people in certain geographies.

Studies are usually based on experiments e. People have an easier time coming together when they understand where they have come from. Aroundthey also achieved one of the most important developments in the history of geography: They were the first to use the compass for navigation al purposes.

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How Does Geography Influence the Way People Live?