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In full power mode, you can hear it in quiet moments in a small room, but it is the kind of steady sound that tends to fade into the background. The new Epson Home Cinema UB and Home Cinema UBe 4K PRO-UHD aren't the most expensive home theater projectors in the company's line-up, but at the moment they are arguably the most advanced, and make the loudest statement about how the company views today's still-evolving home projector market.

Fan noise.

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The Optoma is easy to use, with a remote and Amazon Alexa or or Google Assistant at hand to adjust the settings and focus. It even has the high dynamic range of most top television sets to ensure you see the colours just as the filmmakers intended you to. With Enhanced Gaming Mode Off, we measured The efficiency and extra processing power is said to allow for improved performance across all three areas. It really does feel like an at-home cinema. However, most people will never notice it, especially with photorealistic images. I'll say more about this later. And with still another I didn't see any differences.

Despite their small size, these adorable projectors allow you to watch pretty much anything you want, just like you can on your laptop or smartphone. The projectors all offer a dynamic iris to assist contrast on dark scenes.

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If you plan on using yours heavily, we recommend keeping it plugged into a power source like a wall socket or portable battery brick. How We Tested For hands-on testing, we used each mini projector in controlled environments meant to simulate real-world situations. It will let you take advantage HDR's rich color and boost in contrast without the budget you need for a true 4K or pixel-shifting 4K projector. We maintain this frequently updated list of what we consider the 15 best current models for you to choose from. The 1. The projectors all share a three-chip LCD design using p imagers and Epson's aforementioned pixel-shifting technology, though the two new models use an updated system that benefits from revised processing and faster shifting of the pixels to improve clarity. The inclusion of a battery on many small projectors makes them extra portable.

Because of their small statures, these projectors often have to rely on a single low-powered speaker for audio. In a word, no. For a " image, the range is roughly Probably the best approach is to leave the source at 4K unless you're seeing a problem.

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With Enhanced Gaming Mode Off, we measured

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