Goods and services powerpoint for first grade

Allow adequate time for families to work on the assessment. Assemble a class town of the businesses students chose to start. Within the PowerPoint slide deck there are speaking notes to help you.

Goods and services worksheet

Read the book about all the different community helpers. Then the students will draw the goods or service that their helper provides to the community on white construction paper. Who protects us from crime? Hold out your hand and place some sort of food in it, a toy in it and then something that can be worn in it. The teacher will choose 1 of the helpers and model how to draw a helper on 12x9 white construction paper. Allow adequate time for families to work on the assessment. Tell students they will learn about the risks and rewards that have to be considered when starting a business. Explain further that the word "goods" has nothing to do with being good. Have available the workers made from Day 1. Students need to determine if the business produces a good or provides a service by showing a thumbs up for good or thumbs down for service. Challenge students to identify risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur and whether the entrepreneur produces a good or provides a service. In this case, the service we buy is electricity and an electrician comes and fixes our electricity. Tell students that some services that we need are provided by businesses like getting our teeth cleaned , but sometimes communities need to provide services for the people that live in them. At Your Service talks about goods and services.

Who delivers your mail? Use the information there to explain that services are provided by people who are in charge of the country, all 50 states, and all the cities in all 50 states Usually the government does not provide plumbers, car washers, or barbers although in some special cases it doesbut government does provide us with many other community helpers.

The shoebox should feature the name of the business as well as the goods or services the business provides to consumers.

goods and services games

After reading the book, have the students turn and talk to each other about the different community workers in the book. Share with students that some people work for companies, businesses or organizations. This is a classroom and family project.

goods and services project 2nd grade

Download the document and read the instructions. The teacher should collect them when the students are finished. Or we may get our teeth cleaned at the dentist -- but we don't carry it home in a box.

Goods and services 1st grade

Students should write the name of the community helper ie. Share with students that some people work for companies, businesses or organizations. Then model how to make the good or service for the helper you made yesterday using the white construction paper. Using a shoebox, have students create a new business. Look through the different websites to pick and choose the ones to begin the lesson. For example, we get lessons for different things we learn like swimming, piano, tennis, -- but we don't go to a store and point to a lesson and put it on! Doctor beneath the drawing.
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Lesson 6: What Goods and Services Can My Community Provide?