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Demographic segmentation is used when a company wants to differentiate its customers by easily measured characteristics like gender, age, income and education. Since segmentation segregates the market into a number of heterogeneous groups, it helps the organisations to target specific groups by developing advertising programs for each segment or develop new products to attract one or more segments.

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Marketing segmentation divides large, assorted markets into smaller segments that can be reached more effectively and efficiently with products that match their specific wants and needs. Geographic segmentation is based on variables such as: Region: This kind of segmentation involves division of customer base by continent, country or state etc. Thus, market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into a number of groups that are mutually exclusive, while individuals exhibiting similar traits fall under one group. Mewujudkan a healthier society is the mission of PT. If they believe that Milo would be good for their families , they will buy. Address the following in your paper: Include how you applied concepts to formulate your decision. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Customers are segmented on the basis of their attitude towards brand loyalty, or user status indicating the first time buyers, potential buyers, benefits sought etc. Tesla demographic segmentation With the use of geographic segmentation, Tesla can rule out countries like Venezuela, where gas only costs fifteen cents a gallon. Dibb, , p. Overall, marketing segmentation is necessary in order for a business to be successful. Strength , determination in every fight is very inspiring. With the use of demographic segmentation, Tesla can employ its resources only to people that can afford it. Identifying different market segments is the first step in target marketing. Therefore, the segments are heterogeneous between ie.

A concentrated segmentation strategy will allow Tesla to employ its limited resources more efficiently. Buyers in different markets differ in their wants, resources, buying attitudes, locations, and buying practices.

People with blue-collar jobs can be targeted by saying that Milo will help them in their daily routines. Include appropriate probability concepts and your application to find resulting data to limit uncertainty in this decision.

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Businesses can gain a competitive advantage when they pay attention to specific segments of their market rather than everyone in the market. Behavioral segmentation is based on actual consumer buying behavior for particular products. Tesla can use a geographic segmentation because gas prices vary by region and Tesla can focus its marketing to those consumers that live in areas with high has prices. For making a effective and useful market segmentation,there will be some steps and some concepts that has to be known. The production concept focuses upon the improvement of production and distribution efficiency, for example, the speed of delivery and the quality control of the business. Tesla demographic segmentation With the use of geographic segmentation, Tesla can rule out countries like Venezuela, where gas only costs fifteen cents a gallon. Nestle should target those at higher income groups. For example, Tesla can market the Roadster S to males that are in their late thirties, and have high income.

Essay Topic: CoffeeChocolate Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! In hot regions consumption patterns have not changed much. It just needs to get the product known among these people. Second one is geographic, consumers divided into different segments of geographical units such as nation regions, states and cites, etc.

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