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Its engineering and design function has 19 sites spread across 16 countries — all of which need to be effectively synchronized to sustain organizational consistency and standardization Gordon, This requires the establishment of a common framework which provides a unified design, purchasing, and sourcing capability on a global scale.

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To illustrate this point, Tesla founded in had a higher market capitalization than both GM and Ford for a period of three months in Available online [Accessed: 8 November ] Simon, B.

The introduction of standardized software packages at all sites facilitated the creation of a routing and tracking system overseen by four command centres, thus allowing GM manufacturing to ensure that linkages between plant assembly lines and suppliers were carried out with maximum efficiency.

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The company currently believes that an in-sourced IT staff can help it develop competitive advantages. The technology is key to developing efficient and lighter alternative propulsion and zero emission vehicles. Read more on Oracle. General Motors has been pushing the limits of transportation and technology for over years.

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Photo: John F. GM as an industry incumbent must embrace new trends regarding autonomous vehicles and all the requisite software and technology to remain viable. The company is now extending that kind of analysis to Europe as it aims to deliver on its promise to break even in that market in the current fiscal year. For example, GM has set its sights on significant sales increases of its Cadillac model in both Asia and Europe, which is aimed at rivalling luxury rivals such as BMW Stein Visit cadillacsupercruise. Historically, the company has operated using different enterprise resource planning ERP systems throughout the world; however its long-term ambition is to use a single system which encompasses the entire corporate network infrastructure. May 20, GM statistical data:- There are , employees spread over 50 countries and manufacturing plants across the world Greenwich University, ; Gordon,

Our mission as an IT organization is how to build applications with the right features and functions that support what the businesses are trying to do.

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Oracle BrandVoice: General Motors' IT Transformation: Building Downturn