Functions of departments in a tour operating company

Travel Information: A retail travel agency provides necessary travel information to the general public.

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DMAI provides its members with information, resources, research, networking opportunities, professional development, and certification programs.

Tour operators evaluate the various options available for a tour package and provide best of them to tourists.

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The section shall be instrumental in advocating sustainable tourism development through responsible tourism practices and implementation of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label SSTL.

Functions of Tour Operator A tour operator is an organization, firms or a person who is responsible for the actual arrangement of transport and accommodation facilities in any tour or vacations. Many tour operators start out on Apprenticeships, which are provided by numerous outlets across the country but progression to management roles are unlikely by this route.

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He must have great communication skill and he should be thorough in the art of catching the potential customers. The same is true for business travellers, especially in markets such as China and Latin America.

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Tour operators make tour package by assembling various travel components into a final product that is called tour package which is sold to tourist with own price tag. Receptive tour operators are key to selling packages to overseas markets Destination BC, and creating awareness around possible product. In doing so, it will ensure quality assurance in the tourism industry by assisting tourism businesses to strive and maintain desirable standards and offer value for money through constant monitoring, inspecting and regulating of all tourism businesses. To summit to the General Director the granting and withdraw of international tour business permits, tour guide cards, the national tourism representative offices, the International organizations, foreign tourism agencies in Vietnam. Travel agents can specialize in certain types of travel including specific destinations; outdoor adventures; and backpacking, rail, cruise, cycling, or culinary tours, to name a few. More important though, if you do not have a degree or diploma, is work experience in the industry, good organisational skills, experience in a customer services role, and an interest in travel. These communities rely on tax revenue to pay for infrastructure related to the visitor experience. A tour operator makes the package holidays up and the travel agents sell them on. Reservation It is a very important function of all type tour operators and travel agencies. The deputy directors help the Department Director and take their responsibility before the director for works assigned. Sales and Marketing Tour operators do sales and marketing of tourist products. In the promotion of tourist destination, tour operators play a key role. The main difference between a Travel agent and Tour operator are following as: A travel agent is a person who has a full knowledge of tourist product — destinations, modes of travel, climate, accommodation and other areas of the service sector. They personalize and make sure each and every component of the tour is well-taken care.
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The functions and tasks of Travel Department