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He believes it's important that the animals he has should be raised with dignity and not unfairly and crudely. It is pretty obvious that individual consumers can even change the biggest company base on the choice of product that he or she will buy.

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These meat packing companies and corporations get away from lack of food and safety inspections because people in our own government have worked for these companies We are deceived by the labels saying they are fresh and all, but in truth animals slaughtered in the process are abused. While these big companies are earning millions and billions of dollars, they imposed strategies that are not that of advantage for the workers. No one is thinking about the harmful effects that it brings. The film entitled Food Inc is a documentary piece by Robert Kenner on the Food industry in America and the History which Lead the industry to where it is now and everyone who is affected by these changes. Although in theory this idea appears efficient and positive, it contains negative repercussions. However, the film is a bit boring as it has too many details on scientific stuff though they were important. The founders opened Whole Foods Market because they wanted a supermarket that offered natural foods. I think that the movie totally depicts the American society. In the documentary Food Inc. It is simple to attack fast food places because they serve the unhealthy food obese people tend to eat. I remembered I learned the definition of production capacity in my Chinese high school is that the ability of human beings to change the nature. Critical reflection involves corporations evaluating the relationship between business, society, and the environment that is currently framed in the existing business model as well as introduce opportunities. Another technique used by Kenner is the illumination of truth of how these food industries have corrupted the government as well as the farmers to their advantage.

One of the conclusions of this documentary is that we should not blindly trust the food companies, and we should ultimately be more concerned with what we are eating and feeding Food Inc.

Film Therefore, people should think about to built a new industry to support the large city.

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In addition, the film depicts what being healthy means if the future Americans are to be protected. To eat well costs more than to eat badly.

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When they decided to simplify their menu and hire employees that repeated one task over and over for minimum wage, the result Tyson food inc. Currently when one goes to a retailer to buy a computer, there are many brands of computers being sold.

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For instance, I found all that stuff about the scientific breakthroughs for the last twenty years rather boring The Future of Food Film The main point is that most of the foods that americans consume daily are not a nutritional source that the body needs to function. In conjunction with delivering large amounts of food and creating bigger animals in a shorter span of time inevitably means companies will use potentially harmful chemicals. There are several things that I learned from this documentary that was horrifying to me. This single statement paints a vivid picture in ones mind. The happiness will at a high level in Las Vegas. As a result, there is less energy used in walking making them fatter, but on the other hand, after steps, the chickens could no longer continue to walk. In essence, the three central issues affecting our current food industry includes: the new utilization of corn, ethical questions regarding inhumane treatment of animals, and false advertisement. In the second part, the director exposes how vegetables and grains are produced industrially. I chose Food, Inc.
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