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These instruments are used widely by comanies but the question whether it has any effect on the shareholders value remains contentious as after all the prime aim of a business is to increase shareholders value.

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The fall in domestic prices will then requires a depreciation of the currency to maintain purchasing power parity. It can be seen that before the financial crisis fewer MNCs considered hedging their foreign exchange risks to be vital, as the General Manager of the Malaysian Monetary Exchange Bhd indicated that local MNCs were very passive and reactive in managing their financial risks New Strait Times, 30 May Virginia Lawyer Magazine, The higher the variation in cashflows the more likely the firm would indulge in hedging.

Buckley, A,4th edition.

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It requires a high degree of centralization. Although not a widely used tool, it can be useful when a MNC is uncertain about the future receipt or payments of foreign currency.

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Foreign exchange risk Essay Example