Equipping secretarial students with information technology

In the traditional education system, students typically learned on their own and were judged individually. In the past, educators imparted knowledge by breaking problems into manageable pieces and then teaching techniques to solve them.

Unfortunately, the skills that are easiest to teach and test are also the easiest to automate or outsource. It can be in view of this shortfall in training secretarial and management students that the research is aimed at assessing secretarial students' preparedness for conference modern problems in I.

Share this:. But as technology progresses and once separate economies become interdependent, working with others is becoming increasingly important.

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The world is no longer rigidly divided between rich, well-educated countries and poor, badly educated ones. If the high-income non-OECD countries equipped their students at least with very basic skills, they would, as a group, benefit from added economic value equivalent to almost five times their current GDP.

Equipping secretarial students with information technology
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