Employee satisfaction and the hrm practices

limitations of employee satisfaction

Moreover, Job satisfaction and production are goes in a one way, when the production is high, it means that satisfaction level is high. The authority should remind that Job satisfaction is the pre-condition of making the successful organization.

scope of job satisfaction

There is positive relationship between the employee's performance recognize and evaluation and training and motivation. In other words the null hypothesis.

Corrigan, and Molla S.

Employee satisfaction and the hrm practices

These elements are very highly potential the organizational improvement in the long run. Team Work, Employee Participation etc. Job satisfaction is in regard to one's feelings or happiness or state-of-mind regarding the nature of their work. Model Specification Further for analyzing the impact of human resource management practices on job satisfaction the multiple linear regression models have been applied using SPSS. On an average the respondents are satisfied to a Strongly Agree from the training practices provided by the organization. To examine the impact of Rewards and Motivation on Job Satisfaction. Respondents are satisfied to a small extent with the training practices and Employee participation practices offered by the Bank. But due to busy time schedules of bank employee and the workers and their busy schedule in various activities the numbers of respondents were restricted up to JS increases in the employees who received more rewards of both categories from their firms Kiviniemi et al. Job satisfaction can be probed through the motivation and the setting of environment and psychological circumstances Milne, Human Resource Management 11th ed. Library Philosophy and Practice e-journal. Highly contributing and measuring, analyzing and comparing factors are those having relative importance given by employees and the sub-ordinates. Team Work The process of working collectively with the mind of collaboration and cooperation with a group of people or people in order to attain and gain a goal.

When the training is provided to the organization workers, the workers are become the human resource of the organization and they become the highly motivator the organizations potentiality with the technology, management and system.

Bjorkman, I. Journal of Management20 2 A meta-analysis of antecedents and correlates of employee turnover: Update, moderator test, and research implications for the next millennium. The success of an organization depends upon several factors but the most crucial factor that affects the organization performance is its employee.

findings of job satisfaction

As shown in the above table the findings of regression result can also be depicted and shown in the following regression equation analysis form based on regression coefficients.

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Cultural impact of human resource practices on job satisfaction