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Homeless children are at increased risk of dropping out of school because their parents are not aware of the federal law that was passed in specifically to deal with this issue Although varying theories abound, sociologists will continue to pay attention to this issue in the years to come.

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In addition, exploitation and segregation by the wealthier people influence low social status and social exclusion, this combination are key indicators toward mental and physiological health issues which significantly contri Bad sanitation makes one susceptible to diseases, and hunger and lack of clean water makes one even more vulnerable to diseases. This happens when wealth in a country is poorly distributed among its citizens. Policy research working paper Still other theorists have characterized the poor as fatalists, resigning themselves to a culture of poverty in which nothing can be done to change their economic outcomes. Oh Canada! When the three to five minute wait seems like forever and the results may or may not change your life forever. This trend is also known as the feminization of poverty. Behavioural and lifestyle factors, such as poor maternal nutrition and health practices, along with lack of timely prenatal care, are just a few of the possible determinants of birth outcomes, but many questions involving the roles of other variables remain unanswered Each country in the region houses many culturally unique distinctions to include groups, which comprise the HOA area of operation. Modernity and postmodernity appear and reappear in philosophical, literary and other texts in what is at first sight a bewildering array of guises

Ontario Public Health Association. The minimum wage issues have been determined by federal policymakers for some time, separating the effects of the labor market and economic trends Sabia, The trend toward more single-parent families has only made things worse and women have become more and more vulnerable to their environment.

Children living in low-income families or neighbourhoods have worse health outcomes on average than other children on a number of key indicators, including infant mortality, low birth weight, asthma, overweight and obesity, injuries, mental health problems and lack of readiness to learn.

Lack of initial school success sets the stage for subsequent underachievement which, by the adolescent years, is associated with lower levels of educational attainment and literacy, and higher rates of school dropout.

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According to data from the NLSCY to 35Canadian children in low-income families are more likely to have emotional and behavioural problems than other children. Community gardens have been proven to show how its effectiveness can provide for one another and now help lower crime.

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Impact of Poverty on the Society