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The range of radiology covers diseases from the foetus through to the multi-morbid aging population, from prostate to the pituitary gland and from pancreatic neoplasia to bone dysplasia. This results in fewer sound waves penetrating to organs and reflecting back to the transducer, resulting in loss of information and a poorer quality image.

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Once the image acquisition region is selected in the topogram, the helical CT scan is done first; it takes around 30 sec to acquire one bed position. Most people don't realize how extremely helpful radiation can be, but seldom it can be dreadful. Medical Physics, Vol 25 : Radiologists must also be clinicians and understand the clinical features, natural history and treatments of the diseases that they are requested to investigate. In helical scanning the patient table moves continuously while the x-ray tube acquires a series of projection images. This reduced pace of change enables the clinicians to assimilate and often develop new ways of addressing the diseases in their special area, thus posing a challenge to the radiologist who is not aware of these developments. There are a number of initiatives that have been developed in Europe for increasing the teaching of radiology at undergraduate level and these should be further promoted. In digital radiography the sensors shape a plate, but in the EOS system, which is a slot-scanning system, a linear sensor vertically scans the patient. Linton O. Thus the growing array of radiological tools will require radiologists in various practice settings to make fundamental decisions about how to focus and balance their areas of expertise [ 6 ]. Continuing education, San Diego.

Teleradiology can also be used to obtain consultation with an expert or subspecialist about a complicated or puzzling case. Teleradiology requires a sending station, a high-speed internet connection, and a high-quality receiving station.

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Laws and regulations concerning the use of teleradiology vary among the states, with some requiring a license to practice medicine in the state sending the radiologic exam. Scatter correction is done for the projection data by model-based scatter estimation Levin, Moreover, radiologists will ensure the appropriate use of equipment and quality control, and apply radiation protection principles which are particularly pertinent with the massive increase in the use of multi-detector CT [ 3 ]. However, exchanges of information with referring physicians in conferences or reading rooms are an integral part of delivering a clinical radiological service. The improved image clarity and tissue differentiation in a number of situations has dramatically increased the range of diagnostic information and in many cases the demonstration of pathology without the requirement of invasive tissue sampling histology. Radiology is now the key diagnostic tool for many diseases and has an important role in monitoring treatment and predicting outcome. Radiologists need to adapt to the changes in technology in order for the profession to deliver the service that patients expect and medical progress requires. Because ultrasound imaging techniques do not employ ionizing radiation to generate images unlike radiography, and CT scans , they are generally considered safer and are therefore more common in obstetrical imaging. Modern CT scanners have a stationary or rotating detector array with a rotating fan beam x-ray tube. Patient relations Radiological societies maintain and radiologists do not publicly disagree that to improve the public perception of the role radiologists play in patient care, closer contact with patients is essential [ 9 ] Radiological services are essential to the care of patients. CT imaging evolved from conventional planar radiographs. There are many different fields one may choose to specialize in as a radiologist. After achieving a certificate of completion of training CCT , many fellowship posts exist in specialities such as neurointervention and vascular intervention, which would allow the Doctor to work as an Interventional Radiologist.

W; Beyer, T. The principal imaging devices are the gamma camera and the PET Scanner, which detect the radiation emitted by the tracer in the body and display it as an image. These procedures are often performed with the patient fully awake, with little or no sedation required.

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This is also known as a blank scan. CT number is an important parameter in CT images which must be frequently checked for accuracy. However, over the past years radiologists reading more and more complex examinations have become less and less visible for patients and the public. Get Essay They also provide electron density information for heterogeneity-based patient dose calculation. After 45 min, the glucose circulates through the body; the patient gets ready for image acquisition by emptying the bladder. Radiologists who have subsequently focussed on one field of radiology which parallels a medical or surgical specialty and who work primarily in that subspecialty in secondary or tertiary referral centres. Many different types of health services use radiology. There may be organisational challenges to obtaining subsequent clinical experience during subspecialty training although this could be on the basis of supernumerary status which would provide clinical exposure without taking clinicians resident positions, but gaining a sound clinical base prior to starting radiology is entirely possible given the acquiescence of national policies. Involvement in primary care general practice GP and office based practice Primary care is the point of first patient contact and offers continuous comprehensive and coordinated care to populations undifferentiated by gender, disease or organ system. Therefore, if radiologists want to add value to the chain of healthcare they need to sub-specialise to a greater or lesser extent according to their working circumstances.

Another common imaging method is magnetic resonance imaging MRIwhich uses giant magnets and radio waves to create an image. Some also treat cancer using radiation and others do biopsies. Research: It is imperative that radiologists are engaged in research in their own discipline.

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