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USAID needs to ensure compliance with its policies on collecting relevant baseline data, and that midcourse reviews are fully utilized to enable managers to adapt or pivot in order to achieve success.

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Chapter 6: Monitoring and Evaluation The importance of evaluations to successful economic development is clear. USAID has taken initial steps to be a convener and catalyst for scaling. In light of lower cost structures and their ability to respond to local needs, relatively small amounts of funding can have a large impact on long-term capacity-building through hands-on experience.

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Scientists have a duty to speak out frankly on issues of public policy relevant to their areas of research expertise. It is likely that the frequency of these events will increase, although there is not yet enough data to provide reliable assessments of their magnitude.

USAID has taken steps to focus on scaling solutions in the Global Development Lab and in technical bureaus, and could be a thought leader globally in the practice and further understanding to improve this critical aspect of development.

Free-market mechanisms are needed Third, USAID can learn and adapt to diverse development environments as well as emerging science and technologies if it applies more broadly the analytical and evaluation tools developed in the last decade.

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Human activities have already influenced all components of the environment. The recommended management changes include: Reinforce its on-the-ground presence to collaborate with others mutually engaged in science, technology, and innovation for development. Washington-based Global Development Lab and mission staff would also benefit from personnel exchanges or short-term rotations. The increased sophistication of evaluation approaches in democracy and governance, health, and the E3 programs creates opportunities to improve evaluation and to use the results of these evaluations to improve program operations and outcomes. Consequently, breaches of environmental regulations are breaches of human rights, and should be viewed as criminal and handled accordingly by societies and in law. For example, the emerging practice of placing fellows and other short-term personnel with deep STI experience in missions should be expanded, perhaps by increasing the total allocation of such slots within the agency. Human activity is currently built on the false assumption that global environmental conditions do not change, and particularly that the global climate system is constant. People should just learn how to use everything in a proper way. Some hands-on training might be achieved through inter-agency exchanges with other U. Recommendation 3.
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