Classical music would be ordinary without

Even he could milk the market only at a cost of punishing travel. The great composers BachMozart and Beethoven often improvised long pieces of music on the organharpsichord or piano.

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They were, in effect, compositions which were composed in one go. Some of the earliest were known in Medieval music.

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Or is it? The air waves are filled with too much of the obvious The piano developed from the clavichord which was very quiet indeed. Music written for the church was almost always vocal singing , because instruments were thought to be wicked. Mozart wrote his serenades and divertimentos to entertain people at parties. It is nearly impossible to listen to symphonic music in a car, as the dynamic range of classical music is too large for the noisy car environment. Composers thought a lot about the forms of their pieces and were influenced by the classical art of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Before I attempt to elucidate what I think of as some of the unique qualities of serious western classical music, I would like to mention certain attitudes within the professions of music and music education that have disturbed me most. Book-ending his minute set with a towering account of one of the peaks of the solo violin repertoire - Bach's D minor Chaconne - this was no ordinary busker, but Joshua Bell, doyen of the international music scene, whose film-star looks and high-octane performances reduce classical music audiences to raptures wherever he plays. All require time and patience to get to know.

Beethoven and Schubert belong, in many ways, to this period as well as to the Classical period. This is a time when one cannot only be "definitely exalted and influenced" by Dostoyevsky, etc; but we have an equal chance, theoretically, to be influenced by Tchaikovsky, Borodin, or whomsoever.

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There is simply a need for complex, non-trivial music for people who get bored with 3 minute beet per second manufactured piece. There was a lot of feeling of nationalism as countries united.

Not bad for a year-old. But Claudio was no ordinary musician — he learnt to read music before he could read letters. There was a lot of dance music, but most of it is lost because it was never written down.

Classical music would be ordinary without

Evgeny Kissin The Russian pianist began his studies at Gnessin School of Music for Gifted Children when he was six, and by the time he was ten he had made his performance debut with the Ulyanovsk Symphony Orchestra. In the 20th century many different ways of composing were used, including music played by electronic instruments or very modern music using strange sounds experimental or "avant garde" music , for example the music of John Cage. Most people in the Western world recognize many classical tunes, possibly without even realizing it. This period saw a massive increase in the composition of music , both sacred and secular. Yours is healthier than theirs though Sofronitsky liked this post. The epitome of this ignorance is particularly cruelly exposed on the radio programme Desert Island Discs, where you listen to the musical choices of someone whose work you admire enormously, who can discourse on science, theatre, literature and most things cultural outwith his speciality, but who is happy to display absolute ignorance of our musical culture. Not bad for a year-old. Opera singers, in particular, have to develop very powerful voices which will be heard over the orchestra and project right to the back of an opera house. This introduces kids to the concept and they may come back to it in later years. Or is it? George Gershwin wrote music which is both jazz and classical.
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Joshua Bell: no ordinary busker