Child labour essay for kids

It reported that overchildren are working in Ecuador, where they are exposed to heavy metals and toxic chemicals and are subject to mental and physical stress and the insecurity caused by being at risk of work-related accidents. Other factors that lead to the decline of child labour included financial changes in the economy, changes in the development of technology, raised wages, and continuous regulations on factory legislation.

There are various rules and regulations prohibiting child labour however not getting followed properly by the people. Child labour has been a deep rooted social issue which in turn has given rise to other social issues such as sale and trafficking of children, debt bondage, serfdom, forced labour at low cost, etc.

Department of Labor issued a List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Laborwhere China was attributed 12 goods the majority of which were produced by both underage children and indentured labourers.

Child labour is generally preferred by the industrialist and businessmen as they get efficient work at low cost. The tax was imposed on everyone older than 8 years, in some colonies.

Some of the primary causes of child labour are poverty, lack of facilities for proper schooling, growth of informal economy, etc.

child labour introduction

It is considered as exploitative for the future of children and country. They strive hard day and night to feed their entire family.

When children are involved in full or part time work, it affects their schooling, recreation and rest.

Child labour essay for kids

Other scholars too suggest that inflexible labour market, size of informal economy, inability of industries to scale up and lack of modern manufacturing technologies are major macroeconomic factors affecting demand and acceptability of child labour. Though constitution makes employing the kids for laborious works a punishable offense, data says otherwise. It denies their right to attend regular school and enjoy a happy childhood. Ultimately, these little souls are pushed into extremely torturing and dangerous work conditions, such as prostitution, domestic helping, transport of drugs, etc. But, are all children fortunate enough to have a happy and fun filled childhood? Millions of children worked in colonial agricultural plantations, mines and domestic service industries. Addiction and Sexual Abuse: From taking drugs to selling them, alcohol addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, emotional numbness, violence, are common things that surround their living conditions. It keeps children away from the childhood and interferes with their schooling. Child labour is a blot or curse which has laid its stranglehold across the country in such a way that despite the efforts of the administration, the practice of child labour is still prevalent in society. In some countries, government policy contributes to this difficulty.

Adolescents rescued are given skilled trainings and suitable jobs. It is very dangerous for children in all aspects such as mentally, physically, socially, and morally.

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It is is a compelling demonstration either by the parents or relatives. Child labour prevents children from participating in activities such as playing or going to school. Child labour also puts children at risk of many harmful situations. Then only we can put an end to the continuous harassment faced by our kids and help them have a bright future not only for themselves for the nation as a whole. People should not use them for their earnings or for-profit motive. Various NGOs are working in this field to ensure that all the Indian children are getting their basic rights guaranteed by the United Nations Charter of Child Rights, Children as young as 4 years old were working underpaid in factories to keep themselves and their poverty struck families alive. Latin America and the Caribbean region have lower overall population density, but at 14 million child labourers has high incidence rates too. We should work for a brighter future and a progressive Indian society. They children of years should be provided free and compulsory education by the state government. A big percentage of children are involved in child labour in the field of agriculture, and other involved fields are fishing, mining and quarrying, construction, manufacturing, restaurants and hotels, storage, transport, communications, insurance, finance, real-estate, business services and many more. Lewis The focus of this paper is a cross-examination of popular literature discussing the effects of Child Labour laws on the treatment and participation of children in the workforce during the British Industrial Revolution. Ultimately, these little souls are pushed into extremely torturing and dangerous work conditions, such as prostitution, domestic helping, transport of drugs, etc.

The parents should consider the education of their children as the priority from their childhood. This form of work done by children also existed before industrialisation and globalisationthe two phenomena have made it more visible.

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