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Using an unfolding technique to determine the lowballing tendency of auditors. Kiersey, G.

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Trust, organizational justice, and whistleblowing: A research note. Maroney, J. Using incentives to overcome the negative effects of faultline conflict on individual effort. Prior exposure to interviewee's truth-telling baselining and deception-detection accuracy in interviews. Maines, L. Internal control assessment and interference effects. Does wrongdoer reputation matter? The effect of organizational commitment on the relation between budgetary participation and budgetary slack. Robertson, J. Svanberg, J. Ullrich, M.

The problem of ambiguity and vagueness in accounting. Pasewark, W. Wright, S and A.

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Kowalczyk, T. Sami, H. Valacich and J. Merchant, K. Meyer, M. Kiersey, G. Peytcheva, M. Examination of Contextual effects and changes in task predictability on auditor calibration. Behavioral Research In Accounting 13 : Behavioral Research in Accounting 16 : Sisaye, S.

Tan, C. Evidence of an association between error-specific experience and auditor performance during analytical procedures.

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The effects of experience and confidence on decision aid reliance: A causal model. The use of outcome feedback and task property information by subjects with accounting-domain knowledge to predict financial distress. Distributive justice, promotion instrumentality, and turnover intentions in public accounting firms. The effects of time pressure on belief revision in accounting: A review of relevant literature within a pressure-arousal-effort-performance framework. Behavioral Research In Accounting 8 Supplement : Using an unfolding technique to determine the lowballing tendency of auditors. Salterio and R. A different personal perspective through the behavioral accounting literature. Stefaniak and M. Reiter, S. Broadening the fraud triangle: Instrumental climate and fraud. Commentary on Ethics and environmental auditing: An investigation of environmental auditors' levels of moral reasoning. An examination of perceived barriers to mentoring in public accounting. Seybert, N. Behavioral Research In Accounting 8 :

The role of social influences in using accounting performance information to evaluate subordinates: A causal attribution approach. Impact of auditor-wrongdoer performance and likeability reputations on fellow auditors' intention to take action and choice of reporting outlet.

A descriptive analysis of the content and contributors of behavioral research in accounting Antecedents and consequences of quality performance.

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Behavioral Research In Accounting 9 : Incentive plans and opportunities for information sharing.

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Behavioral Research in Accounting